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At Recovery Artist Network (RAN) It is our mission to provide Artists with hope, resources, and an engaged community to live full and creative lives in recovery from addictions of all kinds. It is our hope to create a network that is able to provide support, encouragement, and real-world resources to help Artists on their path to recovery. We are Advocates for Mental Health who are actively working to reduce stigmatization surrounding addiction and substance use disorders.

Our goal is to create an environment where we help one another so we can thrive as Artists in Recovery.


We are into radical self-affirming personal exploration, inclusivity, open dialogue, honesty, and transparency.

Founded in the Summer of 2018, the Recovery Artist Network was created after a run-in with a handful of sober and seeking creatives at a performance space in Santa Monica, CA. After months of seeing other in the rooms--very much stuck in our own addictive and isolating minds--we were suddenly hit with the reality that each of us have lives outside as well. We were reminded that we had interests and passions, and the the feeling was collective in nature. We wondered what it would look like to have a platform to share and be open about the issues we faced as Artists in recovery outside the confines of basements and rec-rooms. A space where we could share our work with one another. A space to discuss and process the difficulties in re-discovering our creativity without substances. From this desire, RAN was born. 

Today, we are a bi-coastal organization that features artists worldwide. Still very much toddlers, We are always looking for ways to improve, learn, and grow. It is our goal to support one another on this adventure we call recovery.


SO to you, dear reader, wherever you are on your path, we invite you to come along with us. The process of recovery is tough, AND we believe that we can do this together.

#fuckaddiction #MAKEDONTUSE

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